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Ocean Innovators Platform strengthens its presence at COP28 in Dubai


The Ocean Innovators Platform hosted its 5th session during COP28 in Dubai, seizing the momentum to gather entrepreneurs of the blue economy, philanthropists and investors around solutions for a sustainable future. 

On Friday December 1st, the Ocean Innovators Platform welcomed its community for a full-day event at St Regis Downtown Hotel in partnership with the World Economic Forum’s 1000 Ocean Startups Coalition and Community Jameel.   

Opening the session, Olivier Wenden, Vice President and CEO of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, reminded how meaningful it was for the Foundation to “present this event on the first day of the Climate COP as the global ocean doesn’t get the attention and traction it fully deserves, despite its crucial role in the climate regulation and despite the remarkable economic opportunities offered by the blue economy.” “Put the economy at the service of the sea, an economy that is dynamic, inventive and value-creating” is the ambition of the Ocean Innovators Platform.  

The three round tables discussed the following topics:

  • The Great Blue Wall: Protecting and Restoring Marine Ecosystems at Scale

The session aimed to offer a comprehensive overview of the initiative's progress, focusing on unlocking unprecedented nature-based recovery through accelerated and upscaled ocean conservation actions. Panelists explored achievements, challenges, and innovative strategies employed to date. The discussion emphasized the critical role of ocean innovation in the initiative's success, examining how cutting-edge technologies, strategic collaborations, and international cooperation contribute to the protection and restoration of blue carbon ecosystems.

Session moderated by Ronald Tardiff (World Economic Forum) with panelists Alexis Grosskopf (OceanHub Africa), Robert Hazelzet (SoapboxSA), Barkha Mossaë (IUCN), Nancy Iraba (Healthy Seaweed Co. Limited), and Vatosoa Rakotondrazafy (MIHARI Network).

  • Marine CDR: Deep Dive into Emerging Solutions

This roundtable spotlighted a range of CDR technologies, delving into their potential for positive impact. It brought together innovators, scientists, and investors actively involved in advancing these transformative solutions. The focus was on fostering a comprehensive dialogue that not only showcases the latest innovations but also delves into the considerations surrounding their deployment.

Session moderated by Michelle Li (clever carbon), with panelists Brad Rochlin (Running Tide), Edward Sanders (, Kestutis Sadauskas (European Commission), Jean-Pierre Gattuso (Centre national de la recherche scientifique), John Wedge Auckland (Seafields Solutions Limited), and Lydia Kapsenberg (CEA Consulting).

  • Green Shipping: Leveraging Innovation to Propel the Industry's Transition

This session served as a dynamic platform to highlight the essential role of innovation in the green transition of the shipping industry. Converging shipping companies, innovators, investors, and civil society organizations, the discussion aimed to unravel novel solutions and collaborative approaches. A deep dive into the intersection of technology and sustainability, steering the course for a greener horizon in the shipping sector.

Session moderated by Michelle Li, with panelists Christian Lim (SWEN Blue Ocean), Benjamin Dineshkar (DNV), Emmanuel Schalit (AYRO), Robert Desai (V.Group), Yanis Souami (Sinay).

To conclude the day, a reception was organised to celebrate the commitment of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the World Economic Forum’s 1000 Ocean Startups Coalition and OceanX to Ocean innovation.
The partners came together to officiate their respective collaborations and celebrate featured ocean innovators and their technologies aboard OceanXplorer, the most advanced exploration, scientific research, and media production vessel ever constructed. The World Economic Forum and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation reinforced their joint commitment to the Foundation’s Ocean Innovators Platform. Both partnerships ladder up to a collective effort supporting pioneering entrepreneurs committed to ocean conservation, equipped to solve the future’s most pressing ocean health issues. Full release here.

On Saturday December 2, the Ocean Innovators Platform organised a high-level meeting hosted by Community Jameel at the Jameel Arts Center.

The panel discussion provided different perspectives on Blue Capital investing for impact on ocean innovation, identifying promising verticals, assessing the growing pipeline of companies, and critically examining methodologies for impact measurement. The session highlighted the strategic pathways and impactful investments that contribute to the development of a regenerative blue economy. A step taken by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation when launching alongside Monaco Asset Management the ReOcean Fund, a private equity fund dedicated to SDG14.

The session was moderated by Alfredo Giron (World Economic Forum) with panelists Anne-Laure Roucher (Mirova), Régine Clément (CREO), James Lindsay (Builders Initiative), and Marisa Drew (Standard Chartered). 

Following the panel discussions, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco delivered inspiring remarks during the reception organised on the rooftop of the Jameel Art Center. The Sovereign reminded the vital role of the ocean in climate issues and the importance of building a new relationship with it before concluding “By aggregating energy like the energy mustered here today, and by supporting the most innovative projects, we will be able to make a meaningful contribution to the emergence of true solutions. For the ocean, for the Planet, and for humanity.”

More info about the Ocean Innovators Platform here.

The Ocean Innovators Platform was co-hosted by Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco, 1000 Ocean Startups, and Community Jameel, with the support of, Sustainable Ocean Alliance, Solar Impulse Foundation, Builders Vision, Una Terra Venture Capital Fund, Systemiq Capital, ClimateImpact, and Blue Action Lab.

Photo credit: ©Axel Bastello / Palais Princier - ©The Convergence / FPA2 - ©Community Jameel