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In conversation with Chiara Petrioli


From ocean entrepreneurs to impact investors to innovators, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s Ocean Innovators Platform (OIP) brings you conversations with change makers dedicated to a sustainable blue economy.

In our latest interview, we sit down with Chiara Petrioli, CEO of WSENSE, at the last Ocean Innovators Platform during Monaco Ocean Week. WSENSE revolutionizes ocean monitoring with their underwater Wi-Fi and Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT) technology.

Imagine: real-time data on water quality, noise pollution, and even marine life – all accessible through underwater sensor nodes. WSENSE makes this a reality, empowering us to protect marine protected areas, monitor construction projects, and explore the mysteries of the deep sea (up to 3,000 meters!).

Chiara, a leading woman in her field, also offers advice to young women considering science and engineering careers. Embrace technology as a tool to create a better future, and don't be afraid to pursue a multidisciplinary approach in science and engineering.