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Alessandro Romano



Alessandro founded "Ittinsect - Feed for the Ocean" driven by the desire to reduce human pressure on the marine ecosystem. After discovering that a quarter of global fishing is turned into fishmeal, he decided to use biotechnology to replicate the nutritional profile of the most important ingredient in fish feeds. Today, Ittinsect produces 100% circular proteins for aquaculture through the extraction and combination of high-value amino acids from agricultural by-products and insects.

Alessandro obtained a Master's in naval architecture and engineering management in the UK while participating in international sailboat racing. In his early career, Alessandro worked in the ship finance sector in Switzerland, where he first encountered fishmeal as a commodity. In 2020, he embarked on a 40-day sailing trip on a cabinless catamaran, only eating the fish he could catch. There, he realized the poor state of our oceans and made a commitment to protect them with all his efforts.