September 24th,2024Harvard Club, New York

What is Ocean Innovators Platform?

Our ocean plays a vital role in regulating Earth's climate. Acting as a giant heat sink, it has absorbed over 90% of the excess heat trapped by greenhouse gases since the Industrial Revolution. Additionally, the ocean acts as a carbon sink, soaking up roughly 23% of human-caused CO2 emissions. 

However, this vital service comes at a cost. Climate change is pushing our ocean to its limits, causing rising sea levels, acidification, and disruption of marine ecosystems. To truly address the challenge of global warming, we need a healthy and resilient ocean.  

Building a regenerative and sustainable blue economy is key. This means harnessing the ocean's resources responsibly, minimizing our impact, and actively promoting its health. Decarbonizing existing industries and fostering innovation will be crucial.  

The New York Climate Week edition of the Ocean Innovators Platform will bring together top-level investors, visionary innovators, and leading experts as we explore how to unlock the power of the ocean to address the climate crisis.

3 Goals


Promote the best existing innovative solutions and approaches to increase positive impact on the global ocean.



Connect decision-makers, investors, businessmen and philanthropists to talented innovators and entrepreneurs.



Create an active community of economic stakeholders interested in business opportunities related to the protection of the ocean.


Tuesday, September 24th 2024

Harvard Club, New-York


Opening remarks

Pioneers perspective on ocean innovation (fireside chat)

Exploring the universe of investment opportunities in the blue economy (panel discussion)

Cocktail reception