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Billy McCall

Co-Founder and CEO

Kintra Fibers

Billy McCall is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kintra Fibers, an H&M-backed materials science company that has developed a new and proprietary synthetic fiber that is 100% bio-based, biodegradable, and made on standard polyester production equipment. Kintra has garnered interest from over 500 apparel brands and manufacturers and has launched pilots to prototype with global brands including Inditex, H&M, BESTSELLER, and Reformation. Kintra has been recognized on TIME’s inaugural list of America’s Top GreenTech Companies, the United Nations Conscious Fashion Campaign, and the Think Beyond Plastics Textile Innovation Award. A preliminary 3rd-party life cycle assessment comparing Kintra resin to traditional polyester (PET) resin showed that Kintra reduces emissions by 95% and uses 20% less energy in production. With yarns that pass the ASTM and ISO tests for industrial compost, and a material that can be recycled, Kintra Fibers is seamlessly transitioning the textile industry to work in harmony with the planet. Before Kintra, Billy served as a polymer scientist at the innovative 3D printing company Carbon, Inc., where he saw Carbon grow from 50 to 250 employees. His research at Carbon has contributed to commercial applications in consumer electronics and biomedical applications. When he’s not at the Kintra lab, you can catch Billy catching waves in the Rockaways.