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Danielle Southcott

Founder and CEO


Founder of the award-winning SAILCARGO INC. and Veer Group (which is nominated for the EarthShot prize), Danielle was named by the Royal Institute of Naval Architects as one of the most infuential women of the past century, and was listed by The Ocean Opportunity Lab as an inspirational female founder to watch. Originally from the Great Lakes of Canada, Danielle began sailing at age 13. A graduate of the ‘’Enkhuizer’’ Sea Academy, she learned Dutch to graduate. She obtained her 200T masters ticket at the age of 21 which empowered her to captain of the fagship of Barbados, cargo schooner RUTH. Danielle wrote and implemented the successful beach-launch of RUTH, which was the largest ship built in the history of the country. She is co-founder of a Costa Rican non-proft that plants thousands of trees and creates jobs in a vulnerable coastal community. Each year Danielle’s company sponsors a young lady to sail on the tallship ST. LAWRENCE II – a ‘’thank you’’ to the Canadian ship that first inspired her.