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Fabio Dalmonte

Founder and Managing Director


Fabio is the founder and CEO of SEADS-Sea Defence Solutions, a startup incorporated in 2018. Leading a dedicated team, he drives efforts to combat ocean plastic pollution by pioneering innovative waste collection systems in rivers, effectively intercepting waste before it reaches the ocean.

With an engineering background, Fabio boasts extensive experience in environmental and sustainability consultancy. He worked for 8 years as a waste management and environmental consultant in various firms in the UK. Before this, he served for 5 years as a corporate and environmental sustainability consultant for Italian international firms.

Fabio's academic journey includes a Master of Science (MSc) in Waste and Clean Technologies from the University of the West of Scotland and a Master in Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Sustainability strategies. He earned his undergraduate degree in Management Engineering from Alma Mater Studiorum University in Bologna.

Fabio is a fluent English speaker, having studied and worked in English-speaking countries for a cumulative period of six years.