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John Auckland



John Auckland is the Co-Founder and CEO of Seafields – a blue carbon technology company and project developer. Seafields is restoring ocean biodiversity and mitigating carbon emissions by domesticating, harvesting, cultivating and processing the floating seaweed, Sargassum. It is working on novel CDR methods that are largely subsidised through selling feedstocks such as agricultural biostimulants to industry, whilst also achieving high levels of additionality for carbon removal.


Before becoming CEO of Seafields, John founded TribeFirst – a global equity crowdfunding communications agency where John was directly involved in raising more than $65 million for over 120 early-stage startups. He was also Virgin StartUp's crowdfunding trainer and consultant, helping them to run branded workshops, webinars and accelerators. In addition, he helped run Collective Impact, the Branson family’s fundraising readiness accelerator programme. Lastly, John is a twice-published sci-fi author.