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Maya Kashapov

Business Development


Maya Kashapov is on the Business Development team at Captura, driving its Direct Ocean Capture technology from the concept phase through to global commercial deployment. She holds a Master’s degree in Climate Change from the Climate School at Columbia University in New York City and was a Founding Fellow at Climatebase, a talent mobilization platform focused on accelerating climate solutions. Captura draws down planet-warming CO2 from the atmosphere via the ocean, ofering a tool that can remove any emission from anywhere on the planet and from any moment in time. The only inputs needed for the process are ocean water and renewable electricity, with no by-products produced. California-based Captura was founded in 2021 and ofers safe, durable, additional, scalable, and verifable carbon removal at a low cost and global scale. The technology can also be used to address ocean acidifcation in localized areas. Captura has been named as a Carbon Removal XPRIZE Milestone Award winner and was awarded a pre-purchase contract from Frontier Climate..