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Sam Teicher

Co-Founder and Chief Reef Officer

Coral Vita

Sam Teicher is the Co-Founder and Chief Reef Ofcer of Coral Vita, a social enterprise that grows resilient corals in months instead of decades to restore dying reefs and winner of Prince William's inaugural Revive Our Oceans Earthshot Prize. Coral reefs sustain up to one billion people’s livelihoods and 25% of marine life while providing an estimated $2.7 trillion of value per year through goods and services. But half of reefs are dead and over 90% are on track to die by 2050. Through a commercial model that sells coral restoration as a service to reef-dependent customers, Coral Vita works to catalyze a Restoration Economy to support large-scale restoration. Their frst coral farm is in Grand Bahama, and they ultimately envision land-based facilities in every nation with reefs to preserve these ecosystems for future generations. Sam previously worked on climate resiliency initiatives at the White House and for the Global Island Partnership, is a Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur, co-authored Sustainable Development Goal 14, launched Coral Vita out of his master’s program at Yale, and has been in love with the ocean since becoming a scuba diver as a child.